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 Directions for Making a Mirror Viewing Device for Head-Down Position
 Following Macular Hole Surgery
  Overview  Sizing  Assembly Directions  Directions for use
The mirrored viewing device (Vitrectomirror™) consists of two mirrors joined together at an angle of about 50 to 55 degrees. The size and construction of the device will vary according to personal preferences.
The most practical size is one made from one 12" square mirror tile. We found that the 12" wide device offers the best field of vision and is most convenient.
  Assembly Directions  

Cut a 12" mirror tile in half to yield two 12" X 6" inch mirrors. The mirrors may be pasted on plywood for backing. Cut two triangular pieces of wood (3/8" to 3/4" plywood or solid wood - 1/2" is best) 6" on two sides and 5" on one side. To set the angle between the mirrors place the wood triangles at each of the ends of the mirror. This gives about 500 between the mirrors (See diagram). Using duct tape, attach the mirrors along the 6" sides of the triangles. Our experience shows that this offers the best angle for viewing. All other measurements may differ to accommodate different mirror sizes.

Vitrectomirror ™ - Mirror Viewing for Post Macular Eye Surgery



Directions for Use
Look downward into the lower mirror (see diagram). Tilt the Vitrectomirror™ and aim it towards the object to be viewed. We found that for extended viewing of TV or a computer screen, it was most convenient to tape the Vitrectomirror™ to a table in a fixed position. It can also be comfortably held in the hand or lap at the dinner table or when seated in a chair facing friends. The Vitrectomirror™ works well in conjunction with a Face and Shoulder Support Fixture. In this way the patient can keep his or her head in the head down position while maintaining eye contact while chatting.

Since every one who saw it assumed that the Vitrectomirror™ reversed the view, I will point out that the view obtained is a correct one. The first mirror reverses the picture and the second mirror reverses this again, so you end up with a correct view. This property permits you to use the Vitrectomirror™ with your computer or with anything else that requires a correct view.

2001, Manuel